Jug of Milk

January 22, 2012
Don't you know
It's quite simple really
A mile lays apart
You and me
Stretched like tired limbs
Your warmth fills the space
But you have no idea
You sleep in a lied bliss
No need to wake
And place a hand
On a quivering soul
It's ok really
I would lie anyway
All is well
Don't worry go back to sleep
Like a mother with a empty 
Bag of bread
And empty jug of milk
 Mommy do we have no more
Don't worry go back to sleep
All is well sweetie
Both are life and death
One of the body
The other of soul
But a body without a soul
Is as good as dead
I'm leaving bites
At the tip of my tongue
I don't know when I'll
Don't worry just go back to sleep
Or whisper you'll come
I'm fine
Because after all
What is one more lie

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