Good Kids Making the Wrong Choices

January 22, 2012
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Were good kids, making all the wrong choices. Hanging around the wrong crowd, as right as it may seem. The peer pressure, we've got to ignore the voices. Getting wasted, getting high, were just the average teen. Low grades. We don't care, always getting into fights. We stick up for each other, knowing were on the wrong side. Just another day, another sleepless night. Sometimes we all feel like there's no place left to hide. Sometimes we wish, we had another life. Because were tired of always having to pay the price. The truth is we all want to be someone. We want to matter, be important, after everything is done. Not just some kid who never had anything coming his way. Hateful things about us is all people had to say. We know were better and it’s not where we've been, but where were going to. So, now were getting back on the right track, to make our dreams come true.

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