I Don't Know Why

January 22, 2012
By Anonymous

I don't know why, it always happens to me.

The one being lied to and cheated on by all three.

The one that gets the brunt of the anger when one does not agree.

The one that gets blamed, for not siding with one of their pleas.
I don't know why, I deal with it.

The one who listens and then gets yelled at and hit.

The one who talks when asked, and gets sh*t.

The one who watches when told, and then is expected to take a hit.
I don't know why, I deserve it all.

The one who is good playing ball.

The one that gets support from almost all.

The one always at the right place, standing in awe.

In life we don't know a lot, but we should remember that even though some people may treat us badly, everyone will eventually find someone to have, excitedly. :-)

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