Could it be true?

January 21, 2012
Standing there I wondered 
Could this be true? 
After all this time 
Here we are 
Standing at the edge of the stage 
We both know too well 
Talking of the past 
With the hope of a future 
But could this be true? 
I think I know you 
Well enough to tell 
That your words are genuine 
At the same time I can't help but question 
I laughed it off 
Refusing to admit 
That I was thinking 
Right along with you 
Could this be true? 
Pretending I didn't notice the light in your eyes 
The feel of your hand as it grazed mine 
In my mind this would all be over 
Once reality checked in
And duty called 
I laughed it off 
Flattered that I could help brighten an otherwise dull night 
This can't be true 
Each time I said it
I realizes it came further from the truth 
Fate seemed against us
But somehow you always saw through 
I never imagined that this could be true
I still wonder if this is all some fantasy 
If at some point I'll wake up from it 
I just hope that when I do 
Lying next to me is you 
Because now I know this has to be true 

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