One With The Flames

January 21, 2012
I thought I had found the cure
I thought I saw a loophole
Felt the sun on my face
Then it faded into wet snow

I felt free, alive,
Anything but miserable
Happy like a child
Caught in a different world

Somehow I thought
I did not need you anymore
Thought we could be friends
Without all the feelings torn

It was like having everything
Right in front of me
And it was my choices to make for me
I never do anything for myself
Now I feel like I can’t even breathe

I can’t trap how I feel tonight
I can’t really explain what I am trying to say
‘Cause how do you explain something you don’t understand
But if I trapped myself in a bottle
And set fire to everything I wanted
I’d try to fight it then become one with the flames

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