Goodbye Girl

February 5, 2012
By Quinntessa PLATINUM, Amherst, Massachusetts
Quinntessa PLATINUM, Amherst, Massachusetts
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Some say they've seen her
Others don't
For she daunts a certain glow
Hard to seek out
But those ones who have seen her
Tell her message
And pass it on to the world

It starts with
The goodbye girl
Seasons of song tell her tale
Her spirit in the mountains,
Love in the flower buds
Blooming on a spring day
Her fingers are the blades of grass
Shoved deep in the soil
Cut and bled down to nothing

Her bones are the branches 
On trees of willow
Snapping savagely with a gust of wind
Her voice is in the breeze
That swims past your ear
And tells you the story of her 
Her eyes of the stars 
Draw you closer and closer
Until you see the light of her heart

Her scent of lilies 
Wafering to your nostrils
Wraps around you like a chain
Pulling you to her silky delight
To see the world through her eyes
Her tune of fury influences your steps
And brings you to her chest
Keeping you from lively breath

Her melody plays on 
Ringing in your mind telling you
To play with her, she's lonely 
Give her your own attention
Sit on the grass, the palm of her hand
Donate your last sparkle to her soul

Hear the song of her shadowed voice
Give in to the struggle
She wants you to hear her worldly gossip
And say hello to the goodbye girl

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