Lettting Go

February 5, 2012
This hopeless feeling
has consumed my soul.
Inside my chest,
is a bottomless hole.
I'm empty.

My eyes are ice.
My body is bruised and cold.
I'm so far gone now...
I'm so dead and scarred now...

Everything I see...
Everything I do...
A reminder of the mistakes I've made.
A reminder I'll never be good enough for You.

I want to go.
I want to know,
what the point of life is.

I'm tired of waiting
for some sort of prize,
awarded for enduring
the bullshit that is
everyday life.

They watch me.
They have me all figured out.
They talk, They talk, They talk
'til their ignorant faces turn blue.
Despite all that happened,
I never imagined
that someday They,
would include You.

Every glance in the mirror
kills me more inside.
Not skinny.
Not pretty.
don't you lie to me.
I'm so repuslive,
I make even me want to die.

We, The Broken, are dead.
We walk around with no hearts in our heads,
Dragging our bodies of lead.
Really, all we want to do is let go.

A bottle of pills;
A lighter;
A knife;
My only friends.
How I love them dearly.
For now they help me survice,
but someday,
They'll bring an end to my miserable so called life.

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