Life Isn't A Movie

February 5, 2012
By Hisa-Ai PLATINUM, Rockford, Illinois
Hisa-Ai PLATINUM, Rockford, Illinois
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Favorite Quote:
Even the bravest of soldiers recognizes a battle he cannot win.

Life isn't a movie,
The good guys don't always win
People die for no reason
It's never fair but somehow you get used to it.

You don't have a limitless amount of money
You don't always get the guy you love
You don't always succeed no matter how many times you fail
You don't have a mom whom you always turn to
You don't have a brother who seems perfect
You don't always get what you want for Christmas -
Sometimes things just don't work out.

Pop in the latest teenage DVD
Skip the previews and just hit play
Your group of friends isn't like that
They don't dress in perfect style
Gossiping about nothing all the while
You laugh and joke about whoknowswhat
Threatening to kick that jerks butt
Your day sometimes revolves around mindless trivia
It's school it's boring it's what you have to do to survive this world.

You don't wear size zero
You don't have perfect hair
Your room isn't spotless
Your diary isn't pink
Believe it or not, you actually do think.
You don't sneak out every night
And when you do you sometimes get caught
Sometimes things just don't work out.

We stereotype parents and they do too:
We're all shallow we're all obnoxious
We only care about material things
We talk too much we don't appreciate everything they do
We're selfish and we're stubborn
We twitter and MySpace not to mention FaceBook
We're all obsessed with the Twilight books
Yeah, that's us...
You don't get everything you want
Your life isn't perfect or complete crap
You sometimes get caught in the Populars' trap
You've been wronged you've been deceived
You've waited and waited up on New Year's Eve
Hoping and praying for a better year
Sometimes things just don't work out.

In movies you know things will work out okay
You know after the climax comes a happy conclusion
Things change for the better and there's no more confusion
The soundtrack is kicking and friends stay friends
The good guy pulls through
The bad guy rots in jail
The main couple gets together and it ends with a bang
A smile a laugh the fireworks clang
The credits roll and you exit the show
Among all the buzz you can't help but wonder:

Why isn't my life like that?

Guys aren't perfect
Girls aren't all total bitches
There are teacher's pets and snitches
There's no clear storyline and sometimes you're clueless
It's frustrating and amazing and sometimes it's boring
But this is life there's no refund if you hate it
You can't walk out this isn't like that
The snappy comebacks don't always come to you...

My life isn't perfect but it's all I've got.

This isn't a movie
And I'm not paid enough if it is.

Life isn't a movie
One of the truths we all have to accept.

Life isn't a movie
It's not fair but you learn how to deal.

Life isn't a move -
Live with it.
You sort of have to.

Life isn't a movie.

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