Journey of The Night

February 5, 2012
By everysinglehearthasscars BRONZE, Miami, Florida
everysinglehearthasscars BRONZE, Miami, Florida
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Somewhere, in this dream journey in the night,
the cats are shrieking to the distorted melody
of the monster creeping
into your cold room full of dust.
He takes out his knife and gives you a mischievous smile.
You wake up screaming in your room full of nothing.

You lie there pondering, why there is nothing.
You see the full moon through your window glowing onto the dark of night.
You look at the clock … 5:00 a.m. and you’re afraid to smile.
The night is not yet done, and, as the crickets sing their favorite melody,
you watch the dandelion’s white dust
begin to fly around the backyard and creeping

Inside every crevasse of your dream journey, creeping
In spite the night, full of nothing.
As the light creeps into dawn, you see the dust
more clearly. But the dream journey of night
is not over. The cats still shriek to the distorted melody
of the monster who still wears that mischievous smile.

Now you’ve looked into the abyss of that smile
That taunts you from every corner of your mind, creeping
Into your room that has no pleasant melody,
striving to become something out of nothing.
You scream into the morose soft light; there is no more night,
You’re trying to get out of this room full of dust.

You choke on the diminutive pieces of dust
and you see the light of dawn break the taunting smile
of the monster. It howls in grief for the night
has died. Yet, it keeps creeping
closer and closer ready to annihilate you. It takes out his rusty knife out of nothing,
The cats stop shrieking to the killer distorted melody.

Magically, the hummingbird’s cheerful melody
starts to lift the dust
and the room that was once full of nothing
begins to fill with your smile.
There is no longer a monster creeping,
until the following night.

The distorted melody,
a room full of dust,
wait for another night, to enter a room full of nothing.

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