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February 5, 2012
By christen Jones BRONZE, Detroit, Michigan
christen Jones BRONZE, Detroit, Michigan
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Sitting in the corner of your heart.
I begin to dissolve every happy thought I ever had
Forgetting my very reason for breathing
Losing any muscle in my body that made me laugh
Tossing and Turning doing back flips in my mind
Play games with the one thing that is not fun
This cold winter day, I yearn for snow and ice
Just to freeze for a second the time--
The time it takes to reach your spirit
And Capture it like an image on a Kodak camera
Trying hard to embrace the joy I have left
Giving myself willingly to my own fate
So that it is stuck to me at the waist
Lonely enough I whisper sweet thoughts of you
Creating a greater distance between us both
Crafting a Map, so I won't get lost along the way.
Needing more than just an occasional hug as a token of your love
Blowing any chance I have at containing your love
Like a fish in the Detroit River
Ages ago when the water was fresh and free of death
and Life moved on

The author's comments:
I wrote this when I was going through a mild heart-break. i was still deciding whether or not I was truly over that person or not

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