Still Waiting

February 5, 2012
By christen Jones BRONZE, Detroit, Michigan
christen Jones BRONZE, Detroit, Michigan
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I crawled with the invertebrates that covered the earth
I sat and watched the stars give birth
I grazed with the tyranasaurus
I flew the birds who sang a new chorus
I discovered fire and knew why it burned
I noticed the first glacier that turned.
I remember that the world needed something
I asked the God the lord above to be my king
I told Adam and Eve not to eat that berry
I became best friends with a woman named Mary.
I helped a man named Jesus carry his cross
I taught Hariet how to use the trees'moss
I brightened the scene for Mr.Edison to see.
I brought forth the Model- T to ease the Journey.
I gave women a voice to speak.
I embraced African- Americans who at one time felt weak.
I introduced Michael to that special dunk
I made sure Lysol's scent did smell like a skunk
I cried the day Mr. Jackson did his last moonwalk
I gave a new generation a voice to talk.
I whispered a new tune into Mariah's ear.
I embraced her with a new voice to hear.
I opened the door to the oval office for Mr. Obama
I did everything go ask my momma.
I don't question the lovers that mating.
I remain humble, Still waiting

The author's comments:
I wrote this piece during a time when I felt lonely like time moved to quickly for me. I felt as though I needed someone or something to keep me occupied. And during the course of my slowly deteriorating patience I was starting to loose myself and touch with the world

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