February 5, 2012
With a tightening in my chest,

And a shift in where I stand,

I see it coming across the miles,

Rippling the waters at my feet

Swimming toward me in the mist,

Full speed ahead no less,

I spy you clinging to my words,

And clamoring loudly to hear more

Flattered to the utmost,

Full with all I’ve ever wanted,

I feel a blush flood up my face,

As I think of what it means

But it turns so quick around,

Shifting waves of blue to waves of heat,

I drop my mouth to scream,

In O’s that hasten to the ashes

So purposeless until I cool,

Molten in the sun’s hands,

I know no snow will land on skin,

Soiled with the pages of my story

Fluid until fingers run me through,

Shaping limbs like putty in a child’s hands,

I let myself go until I’m done,

Being put back together

Cool once more in grounded arms,

Floating in places no one can reach,

I decide to happily lie here safe,

Until the fire resolves to find me again

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