February 5, 2012
By LaceyB GOLD, Fort Yates , North Dakota
LaceyB GOLD, Fort Yates , North Dakota
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Above all the noises
And my rush hour life
There is one who stands sturdy
Intelligence in her right hand
And wisdom clenched in the other

Through the hopelessness
Her eyes remain ever watchful
Steadfast and readied for anything
Her morale is sheltered in maturity
So free and still responsible
She intuits good ethics
For many to follow for themselves

I know her as well
And not a day goes by
That her responsibility doesn’t surprise me
Even through harsh pain
She still rises to happy spirits

On occasions when I’m doubtful
Of myself and things I’ve done
She shakes me free of it
I’m thankful for that

Though she may deny it
Everything said here is the truth
She takes care of her family
Her brothers and sisters
And even her parents too

Yeah she’s human
She has strengths and weaknesses
It’s not like we all know everything
But she knows more than she says

She’s a role model
Her talents inspire
And her dedication sets an example
She’s a friend and a helper
And though she may deny it
All that’s said here is the truth

Friends entice you to work harder
To be a better person
Because of their flair
And their good nature
Aren’t I right?
Sometimes our friends
Set the bar even higher
So there’s something more to achieve

I know someone who’s like that
She makes people smile
And though she may not know it
She is more than she thinks

She’s a good friend. . .

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