She and Her Answer

February 7, 2012
By JellybeanWritings BRONZE, Cheyenne, Wyoming
JellybeanWritings BRONZE, Cheyenne, Wyoming
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She’s just a girl
Felt alone in this lonely world
Young and lively but not accepted
She asks why

They threaten to send her away
Telling her she’s a bad kid
She’s going the wrong way

Yet she tries and she tries to get good grades
She keeps her distance from the drugs and alcohol
They bring up memories of her mom
She asks why

But the fights keep coming
The drama won’t stop
She’s an angel in disguise
No doubt she’s strong
She’s smart but coolness is getting the best of her

So I come along
Maybe to help
Maybe to drag her down
You would have to ask her if I’m any good to her
But one thing is for sure
I do love her…
Once again
She asks why

Her Answer

They don’t understand the things I’ve been through
I just try to have fun
And be nice
But they don’t understand

I don’t want to leave
I try not to be bad
It’s not my fault I can’t control what I do
I’m trying to go down the right path

I wonder why my mom acts the way she does
I don’t want to do the things she did
I try to keep my grades up
People are proud of me when I do

Why do I always fight?
I’m always getting myself into drama
I try to stay strong so I rarely cry
There’s this person in my life
She won’t let me slip up
She stays on top of me about getting my grades up
I know she loves me but why?

Why would somebody love me?
Because I love her

The author's comments:
I tried to write about a real event from both points of view.

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