Set me free

February 2, 2012
By IAMBOOBEAR BRONZE, Woodstock, Vermont
IAMBOOBEAR BRONZE, Woodstock, Vermont
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Why so serious?

I know you like to pretend i'm not here,
Like i'm a ghost,
or a whisper in your ear.
I know you wish that I would get lost,
well to bad,
because here is where I was tossed.

I didnt choose this place,
I didn't choose my way,
all I can do,
is try and keep a smile on my face.

So would you do me the pleasure,
of just trying to get the extra measure,
and just admit that i'm alive?

Would you come out of the kiddie side,
take a wilder ride?
Join forces with the less of everything,
of anything,
if not, spare me my pride.

Let me live with my head up high,
even if you don't belive I can fly,
let me soar,

because my dreams,
give me wings,
and I will fly to a place,
where I know that its just a matter of time,
before the realize,
it's better to let a wild bird free,
than to let a tame one stay in a cage.

So would you set me free,
if I just wanted it so bad,
I fell to my knees?
Would you let me go,
if I could only show,
how bad I wanted to leave?

So let me walk,
and you will talk,
but it will just go through my mind.
Please ignore me,
or walk around me,
just don't mention my name.

Let me be,
set me free.

The author's comments:
I was just kinda hoping to get something out on here. GIVE ME FEEDBACKKKKKKKKK.

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