An Afternoon on Ludlow

February 2, 2012
By Eleanorvbm SILVER, Cincinnati, Ohio
Eleanorvbm SILVER, Cincinnati, Ohio
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I'm walking slowly, with nowhere to be
For hours, to be a poet
To think
To listen
To feel
To observe

I walk under a particular tree
I hear the crunchy brown leaves
That dust the ground
It's October, but early, not many are down

I'm not running
To the library
I don't have a point

I think
Do I agree with the petition she's circulating
Homemade sign and all
Overhear the conversation between
The old schizophrenic man and 50ish hippy
The warm marble bench on my legs and butt

But to
Think about the passing bus
The people on it
To listen to the political discussions
The issues I care about
Feel the cooling air grace my after-school frizzies

To be aware of my surroundings
As I pass them every day

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