Dead Soul

February 2, 2012
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Two years past, and she still struggles.
Three years past, and she’s still going strong
They say to quit, and she nods her head
Thinking all the time but growing weaker day by day
Not showing the drawback but the “happiness”
A big, black hole
?Her skin, So very cold,
?Too many secrets Left untold.
?She couldn't do it, She was too weak,?
More and more tears, Streamed down her cheek.
?To her, inner beauty Was just a silly phrase,
?No one cared about that, They all wanted a pretty face
?No one there, To tell her she was wrong, To hold her hand, And help her stay strong
.?No one to tell her Everything would be okay,
?And that all this pain Would soon go away.
?On the inside she had died, A long time ago, Yet no one saw,?
Her happiness was all a big show.?
No one knew anything,?
That all this time she had been lying,
Just to make everyone else happy.

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Silver2black said...
Feb. 9, 2012 at 4:32 am
I really like this write, nice and quite emotional, I could like it even more, If you take out the question marks, I don't know what they are for, except for asking a question, This poem doesn't have the tone of a question, for improvement, I think the poem could be a little more poetic, This write is Simply Nice !
mammothfrk replied...
Feb. 9, 2012 at 7:33 am
haha truthfully when i copied and pasted something went wrong, and the question marks got in there, when i saw it i was just as confused as you lol
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