February 2, 2012
By Anonymous

Frustration ???The love I feel for you is strong,
your smile encourages my day,?and you listen when I need you.
We can talk for hours, ?and tell each other our feelings.
We look exactly a like.
Your eyes glisten the same way mine do?they're both deep dark brown.
Our smile is the same.
Both our teeth are pearly white.?Our hair is different;? Yours is longer.
Mine is like thin thread and dirty blonde,?It’s soft like a baby’s.?and yours is long, black and blonde,?and thick like a wool coat.
When you want to be heard,
you're heard, your tone is hurtful at times. ?When you want to be stubborn,
you ignore me for no reason, ?just to make yourself feel better.
When you want to be kind,
you’re this nice mom?who is always loving and caring.
And when you want to be mean,
you yell and scream, ?because you are stressed out. ?You live in Canada,
and I miss you so much.
We fight like there's no tomorrow.
It devastates me to see you cry and see you hurt,
but it was your choice to leave,
not mine.
Now we only see each other
once or twice a month.
But the love I feel for you is strong,
and you'll always be my mom.??- Denisha Campbellton

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