Pay Heed

February 1, 2012
By Anonymous

There once was girl
Who had no curls
She went into the forest alone
And on she roamed
There was a door
It was what she was looking for
In she went
The message was sent

She skipped along until
She saw a dress of frills
A pair of twins
One holding a bottle of gin
They spoke facing away
Voices going astray
To leave
The girl paid no heed
And went skipping merrily

There she saw
A follower of the law
A woman mighty brave
With red hair that touched the grave
Five feet away
She also said to leave
The girl again paid no heed

Through the flowers in the land
She met a blue haired man
He gave her an odd look
Before closing his book
He told her to leave
She again paid no heed

She walked until a palace
Little did she know of the queen’s malice
In she went through the door
As many had done before
The queen did not smile on her throne
For her heart was made of stone
She spoke I will give you a reward
From my almighty lord
The girl was filled with glee
As she danced happily
Little did the girl know
At first it didn’t show
Then the queen burst
With her ever growing thirst

The girl ran as fast as she can
Then she saw the man
He was holding a sieve
He laughed you didn’t pay heed
A lunge and a miss
As the sieve gave a twist

The girl still strode
Until she reached the red abode
The woman holding a sword
Screamed for my lord
It nearly hit
As it sunk the earth a bit

The girl still ran
Through the land
She came to the tree
The twins laughed gleefully
As her neck ripped at the seam

There once was a girl
With no curls
Who was told to leave
And she didn’t pay heed
The end

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