To you my friend.

February 1, 2012
By Kelsiixo BRONZE, Plainfield, Illinois
Kelsiixo BRONZE, Plainfield, Illinois
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To whom it concerns,

I'm afraid I don't know who you are,

My dearest friend holding on tightly,
strong but still losing your grip,
floating far away from reality sippin on a
bottomless bottle, caught up in a trip you

cant escape.
My Best friend Poisoned by Powder
and chemical smoke, pointy needles

and brain eating pills.
If you'd only take my hand and step
back for a minute let time slow down for a

soak in the nail biting, stomach turning,
truth and hold onto to your life Cause as
we know it slips away so fast.

My Dearest Friend,
Your so important and kind let go of all
this bull s***, and free your f***ing soul.

The author's comments:
A very close friend, well a lot actually are going through a hard time, and I just want them all to realize their better then that and they still have time to turn their lives aorund.

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