February 1, 2012
Think of a hermit crab. The paint. The shell. And
the crab it's self.

Now think of a human. The clothes. The body.
And them theirselves.

Three Layers

If they both take off the first layer, only one
is shameful for someone to see. But thats how it was in
the beginning.

The Beginning

In the beginning the world was good. No shame,
No pain. Just Beauty and peacefulness.

And then everything changed

Just because it changed doesn't mean that the
world has to change. Why can't we make it that way?
Instead of trying to find more, we just accept what we know
and have.


In the beginning, miracles happened often, Very often,

What if

What if science is ALL wrong? What if everything
was a miracle, what if there is no such thing as science, just peace?

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