The Real Life

February 1, 2012
By Kameryn18 GOLD, Eau Claire, Wisconsin
Kameryn18 GOLD, Eau Claire, Wisconsin
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Favorite Quote:
"I love you for not only what you are, but what I am when I am with you"

A guy gave a girl 12 roses. 11 real, and 1 fake. He said "I'll love you until the last rose dies."

Whenever I see your smile, I think happy thoughts
All those times you held my little hand
Our fingers combined like the sand in the sea
Laying down in the soft green grass
Just like clouds find the perfect place
To sit and stare at, the little things, we call, people

When you brought me to the park
You pushed me on the swing
My hair bouncing as I ride,
Back and forth, Back and forth
Faster, I’d yell
One… two… three… UNDERDOG!
You always gave the biggest pushes
You were my superman, my hero, my life

When I hear your voice, I think of all the happy thoughts
I listened to your voice
As you said our prayers and kissed me goodnight
All the laughs we shared
All the hugs you gave
All the moments you brought me up
When I was feeling down

You reminded me that I was your life
You told me that you would always love me
When I was a naughty girl, and teased my sister
Or when I was the bad girl, who got in trouble at school
Even when I was the sad girl, holding back the tears
That needed to be shed
All because of an disruptive event that happened at school
It didn’t matter
You told me you loved me and that you always would
Until the day you die, and forever on

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