February 1, 2012
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The silence is amusing.

Don’t you just wonder what’s going on inside
Everyone else’s’ heads when they are:

Listening to you,


Or doing anything for that matter
It’s the concept of nothing
Pure peace.
Everything is so serene
It gives you a good feeling
Whenever I hear silence, I just want to grab it, and take it all in at the tips of my fingers
I want it to be there for me, whenever I need it
If you think about it, quiet, is a good thing
I rely on it
Whenever I get home from a hard day at school
Or something’s wrong at home
I run upstairs to my room and just sit there
Staring into the never-ending blank spaces of my mind
Shedding tears pour down my face, making me cry even more
I feel the little wet drops holding themselves at the end of my nose
Getting ready to fall:
Deeper and deeper;
Longer and faster
Then the first

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