Heavens' Light

February 1, 2012
By Emeraldstar SILVER, Bland, Missouri
Emeraldstar SILVER, Bland, Missouri
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Shine bright you may,
but you can’t show through the day.
I burn through morning ’til eve,
when I take my leave.
Great things grow under my wing,
for the feathers I drop, blossom.
My light is blinding in comparison
to my sister’s pale glow.
I’ve been called many names –
Apollo, Ra, Elros.
They all mean the same
through the ages.
A mystical object
that rises and dips
into the horizon.
But not able to be touched
by mortal hands.

You shine your might,
for I’m your reflection in the night.
I mirror the lights on
my gray beaches in sight
for human, whose eyes ponder.
But the dark side
of my crystal haven
is surrounded in the company
of an infinite vacuum.
And there is the silence… pure silence,
until your kind touched down
on my silver craters.
Little mortal men,
explore you may
through this endless space,
for you will never understand fully
the cosmos laid before you.
“For if you were born in space,
you would be trying to explore
the worlds below your feet.”

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