A Rainbow Society

February 1, 2012
By Birklei GOLD, Raytown, Missouri
Birklei GOLD, Raytown, Missouri
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A rainbow is the symbol of the world.
Some are bold and brave while others are cowardly and shy.
Others are mighty and others are weak.
Some are yellow and some are red.
And some are purple and sometimes blue.
And some just fade from color to color.

Red is always visible.
It is always the boldest, the mightiest; the strongest.
It signifies power and glory. It is never oppressed or opposed.
But red stifles the other colors. It drowns them out. It makes them weak and vulnerable.
It has power over all.

As red fades into yellow, somewhere in between there is a color orange.
Orange is beautiful but sometimes all we see is yellow.
It is constantly fighting to be seen, fighting red and yellow just to get a glimpse.
So it can see the world and the world can see it.
It is bright and beautiful but sometimes dull and ugly.

Yellow is the brightest, the sunniest.
Of all the colors it is the happiest; the most energetic.
Its color radiates amongst the other colors.
It makes the rainbow shine.
Yellow warms your heart.

Green is simple and natural.
It is calming and relaxing.
But like orange it is sometimes hidden under yellow and blue.
Green can be bright and it can be dark.
Of all the colors green is the most self-confident.
It doesn’t fight to be seen. It doesn’t care if it is seen or not.

Blue is deep and penetrating.
We always see the color blue.
It is strong; it supports much of the rainbow.
Blue in its own way is stronger than any other color.
It is toward the bottom. It takes so much abuse but yet we still see it.
Even in times of pain it never leaves.

Purple is rarely seen.
It is at the very base of the rainbow. It wears all the burdens of the other colors.
It is smothered out by all the other colors.
It is always present but never seen.

You see the world is like a rainbow.
Red people are bold and brave, but they are mean and hurtful. Their souls are the greediest and the ugliest.
Orange people are fighters. They have to fight for everything they have because others are constantly trying to take it.

Yellow people are the happiest. They are always cheering others up. They are the most selfless people in the world. They are constantly giving and giving.

Green people are calm. They never stress; the never panic. They are always ready to deal with hardships. But green people can be ugly and mean. They have a nasty side and they often show it.

Blue people take the burden of the world and carry it on their shoulders. They are mentally the strongest. They are often ridiculed and forced to remain beneath the society.

Purple people are invisible. They are beaten and no one cares. They live amongst society but society refuses to see them for who they really are. They impose strict regulations and if they don’t meet them they are forced out of society. Sometimes they stand up and others have to choice but to look at them, no choice but to recognize them.

You see the world is like a rainbow, but unlike a rainbow, we fight each other. A rainbow has all different colors but yet they blend together. They never leave one behind even if they hate each other. I know purple is sometimes invisible but it’s always there. If we could blend together and hold onto each other, maybe the world wouldn’t be so full of hate.

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