February 2, 2012
Sweetheart oh how I used to see none other than you
To remember the way I loved you makes me oh so sick
Your actions were oh so vindictively sweet
My heart came to detest every word you said
Honey won't you quit your lying?
This really isn't a talent you want to keep
You're fooling nobody but yourself
I know you can paint a pretty picture oh so beautiful but believe when I say:
I wouldn't believe a word that comes out of that pretty little mouth of yours if it were to save my life
Darling don't you see what you did?
You crushed me to a million pieces
Keep this up and you won't have a soul left to lie to
When you're left all alone don't look to me with those pitiful blue eyes of yours
I'll warn you now, if you turn to me in your time of need I'll do what you did to me
I'll make you mine just to crush you to pieces.

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