Paranoid Yet Fine

January 31, 2012
I am but a seed planted into a corrupted garden watered by the tears of civilization.

With no education I am facing destruction it’s like being baked in a oven with no one there to stick the glove to pull you out.

Without a doubt I feel like a barrel being rolled down a hill of steel but still I feel as though I’m frozed by times wrath.

The fire of my will has been distilled by into water with no fish no gil but yet im pulled in by lifes rod and reel.

I get the picture of my puzzled mind yet it’s still unclear of what’s behind it all.

I try and time my fall yet its too late so now I have a duel date wuth pain and agony.

Fatality is a reality that baffles me because I hurt so bad and being so mad doesn’t help either.

Reality is a meter that either makes u into a cheater or a believer...or maybe either????

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