The Turning Tide of Segregation

January 31, 2012
Segregation is humiliation to a nation that is facing problems that are constantly racing through our world on an infinite supply of gas.

Nothing’s harder than to see your son or daughter sitting farther away from a one colored crowd with sounds so loud.

Too many reasons while seasons change and disbelieving is in range of reality sadly while racism smiles so gladly.

So many tears and yet those hard years seem in vain no blame but yet our country is in shame because of tame with no ordainment.

Color decides for things that cannot be abided we still hide yet or dreams continue to glide through life like a kite in an opened sky.

A lot of confessions come to light when things are in session of a fight we cannot not win yet we begin to sin because we think we have befriended it.

Even if we never see the day that’s meant to be when we all come into unity and live together in a community without violence and obscurity then life can be smooth as margerine.

We still will have hated foes and opinionated verbal blows that hit us and sit us down from bruised toes of struggle torment that’s doubled by corrupted society.

The day that life can be a variety without any sobriety only will the anxiety stabilize into peace comfort and love as a whole.

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