Apple Trees

January 31, 2012
I think that apple trees
Make an excellent inspiration
For a poem

I think that if I were to
Go out and sit underneath one
Words would flood my mind

I think that if I climbed an apple tree
And swung my legs from its branches
And ate its fruit, that

A poem would appear in my brain
With my Swiss army knife on
The trunk I could carve it

I think that an apple tree in spring
Provides images for happiness
Blossoms sweeten the outlook

I think that in fall
When the leaves fall
And apples sit heavy in the branches

I could climb and sit
Or swing and sit and eat
And never want for poems again

Of course, depending on
What kind of apple tree it was
Would determine also

The kind of poem that I'd write
Or carve into the tree trunk
With my Swiss army knife

I think that apple trees
Are beautiful things
And deserving of credit for

Poem-writing inspiration
Though I'm sad to say
I've never experienced it myself

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