I arrived

January 31, 2012
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I arrived

2005 it was

Arrived at Heathrow Airport
Walked down the street,
It was full of garbage
I had never seen such a mess,

The lonely naked trees
Shivering in the cold,
Waiting for some warmth
Just like me,


There I was
In my element,
The smell of my homeland
The curries and the kebabs,
Filling the street with the wondrous scent

No place to go
All was blocked,
Looking ahead
Building and houses,
Fish shops I could see

I walked on

Walking down First Avenue
So isolated it was,
Saw Ed and Christine
They were the only one,

All of a sudden

My feet was stuck
I could not move,
I just stepped on the chewing gum covered floor

25 bus it was
The first bus I was on,
I thought it was a free bus
So I didn’t touch in,

I went and sat down
I was at the back,
I put my feet up on the seat
And turned my music on,
I got to Ilford
That’s when it happened
It was so scary
I could feel the sweat coming down my face,

They were asking me for my details
I was going to fake it
But thought there was no point

I knew I had committed a crime
I knew I had to pay a fine
I knew I couldn’t run away
I knew it was turning out to be a bad day,

I walked away
I didn’t stare back
Coz I knew they were staring
But I didn’t dare
To look back

As I walked
I thought
What a way to begin a new life?

It was the beginning
The beginning of my new life
I knew I would come across things I am not use to
There would be things I didn’t know
But I knew it would be ok
Coz this is only the beginning.

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