the real change

January 31, 2012
By Thesecretpoet BRONZE, East Durham, New York
Thesecretpoet BRONZE, East Durham, New York
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Life is too short, so live it well.

Enlisted many years ago
Who can remember how many
In these days of dark
The light hardly hits us
we lurk all around
hoping noone finds us
we hide in every corner
the cries have stopped
for the men that we lose
from fever, to losing their bodies
death by another or
death by themselfs

this is no game anymore
everyside has lost their fight
and their reason for it
I see men like me with us
,and men we controlled long ago
among my side
have we learned?
Have we lost too many lives?

Noone remembers a time
with out pain
children are born into nothing
darkness, not knowing freedom
or even seeing a day where your safe

If only, if only you saw
what I have seen
these days would stop
they would see who they are really fighting
who really needs to open their eyes

Once in my early days of
I saw the truth
of this war
of every war
of the good and the bad

with captain by my side
and my musket in hand
we set off to search
for safe land

later on we found a farm
dead from weather
the windows were craked
and it had withred doors
was it emtey?

I walked toward this little farm
only to find
noone has left
A little old man
looked up at me
he had no fear
he had no life
he held a pile of cloth in one hand
and a dagger in another

I held my barrel
at the amn
he was not scared
he did not blink
did ne not care?

He held his dagger up
stright above his cloth
did he not hear me?
I shouted at him
but this time i heard a cry
not from the man
from his pile of white cloth

the little old man
who lost his feelings
stabbed his dagger into the coth
the light white became a devil red

"who are these monster of this world? why must life not be sacred?"
these were his last words
right before
i shot

He fell
His body full of dark
but a smile apon his face
As i saw his life become death
i saw that this murderous man
and I
are the same kind of monster

The author's comments:
this is the real poem a time for change

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