Winter Whispers

January 31, 2012
It hovers in dark corners
and grins at the night.
It shivers in the frozen air
and gleams in the moonlight.
It runs with the quaking leaves
and trails behind the snow.
It whisks away the wanderer
and traps the heat below.
It shrouds the sun in icicles
and invites the clouds home.
It drags its lifeless fingers
through everywhere it roams.
It halts the life both up and down
and twists the water's path.
It trails the traveler round the world
and slowly releases wrath.
It whines across the glassy road
and buffets the towering drift.
It drains the summer light
and leaves the lifeless stiff.
It cloaks the days in white ash
and cleans the world of dust.
It shoos the fliers from the wind
and freezes the earth's crust.
It whispers through the keyhole
and moans throughout the day.
Children locked inside the house
for winter is here to stay.

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