Our generation is in darkness

January 31, 2012
By TheSoulFulOne BRONZE, Dowagiac, Michigan
TheSoulFulOne BRONZE, Dowagiac, Michigan
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Our generation is in darkness
Entrenched by the lies of this world
Engulfed in misery and pain

We have been deceived
Memories washed away
Promises forgotten

Our women being raped and beaten
Tears shed
Caused by blood being spilled
Our children are being killed

Stolen away from us by the lies of this world
Innocence being stolen
Our children
Being fooled by lies and deceit

Our men,
Are being poisoned by the enemy
Their thoughts and their minds being stolen away from them at tender ages
Our men are being broken
Dreams being shattered and snatched away
This world cries
Our generation is darkness
Our society lost
Morals and ethics
Being thrown out
Freedoms taken away

Replaced with restrictions
And policies drawn up in greed

Stories being told
Tales of bloodshed and of hate
Wars and battles
Victims of tyrants
Survivors of genocide

Lands being stolen
Whole villages being killed
Food and water scarce
Little to none being found
Our generation is in darkness

Whole forests being cut down
Animals once abundant now extinct
Rivers and vallies once alive
Now dead and lost forever
The world screams out in agony
But no one hears her cries

Our world in pain
Our society lost
Our generation in darkness

The enemy
All around us,
he lurks in the shadows
We have been infected by the lies
Pulled and pushed the tides
Influenced by our ties
Refusing to believe that we have been effected
And affected by the devil and his tries
Some of us
Could do with being a little more wise
Our generation is in darkness

Everywhere we turn
With every step we seem to learn
That it is we
Who must discern
To my brothers and my sisters
I say again
That it we who must discern
Like a book
The pages of life
We must turn

Some are in habit
Blaming and complaining
Sometimes refraining
Never sustaining
Never gaining
Because the concept of responsibility for ones actions
We have slain

The author's comments:
Tyler Perry' adaptation of " For Colored Girls"

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