Demonstrations Of My Frustrations

January 31, 2012
A demonstration of my frustration is when you speak.
You don't really say nothing.
Your not saying anything at all.
Your just speaking empty words.
Another reason you frustrate me is you never shut up.
Your always so loud.
Always spit when you speak.
There is never silence when your around.
Mothers are post to teach their child respect.
Though you have none.
Never follow the rules.
I can image if you work with life tools.
You are highly annoying.
Always saying something immature.
You think your smart but your not.
Your not fly and your not hot.
You date girls with no class.
Their all just to fast.
They don't want to take their time.
Well that's to bad, for her and you.
I cant stand the sight of you.
Get away, Stay away, and never come back.
You act like a hood rat, You are a hood rat.
These are only some of the Demonstrations Of My Frustrations.

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