Walking Passing Disregarding

January 31, 2012
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i could walk a thousand paces,
i could pass a thousand faces,
But never will i disregard
the people who have no guard.

i could walk a hundred miles,
i could pass a hundred smiles,
But never will i disregard
The people who carry a frown.

i could walk a million beats,
i could pass a million feet,
But never will i disregard
the music everyone's life makes.

i have walked those thousand paces,
passed those thousand faces,
and didn't disregard those with no shield to guard
-- but instead I was the one ignored

i have walked those hundred miles,
and passed those hundred smiles,
and the frowns i never disregarded,
-- But my frown and my smile was discarded.

i have walked a million beats,
i have passed a million feet,
and i never will forget the music of life i've heard
--but the music of my life will always be forgotten.

When i am the one ignored,
the one discarded,
the one forgotten
i will still be there to make sure the other lives
the faces, the un guarded
the smile, the frowns,
the beats, the music of life are never alone or forgotten

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