A Million Moments and Now

January 31, 2012
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In ever moment that we share, with each other, hand in hand, a million moments more lead us up to the next, a billion happy memories that exist at the same time

You make me remember seventh grade, and finger paint, and social studies, and brown paper bags with peanut butter- and- fluff and rushing out side for recess

You make me think of that summer time I first jumped from a bridge, being pulled in ocean currents, just going with the flow

And laying out under the stars, gathering around a fir pit, falling asleep on your shoulder, you fingers stroking my hair

Splashing in the pool, sweating when we jumped in, shivering when we jumped out, you wrapping a towel around my shoulders

Making our own cotton-candy, swinging on a tire swing, falling on top of each other in a bouncy castle laughing so hard we couldn’t breathe

Not being in the same classes, smiling at each other across the halls, you teacher yelling at you and your face turning red

Being your bad luck charm, because I made you nervous, too much to shoot a basket ball, you inviting me to your games anyways

You always having you biology book in bag all the time, because you lost you locker lock too, me forgetting my book ever day, us always sharing

Talking about the future, college, careers, the next steps that we’ll take, hand in hand, making more moments we’ll remember then

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