bball is my life

January 31, 2012
By William Garcia BRONZE, Jersey City, New Jersey
William Garcia BRONZE, Jersey City, New Jersey
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Basket ball is my life

I come from a place where we play ball

We dunk on the rim like we tall

I come from a family

Where we’re from Miami

I come from a town where it’s quiet

My friends and I play ball like we tight

I come from a team where we score

My family and I help the poor

I come from a school of my friends

My mom uses a lot of pens

I come from the court

Where we play a sport

I come from the game where they cheer

When I win a match my mom tears

My friends make me feel cool

I come from a house where we play pool

I come from a town

Where we play around like clowns

SBP is the place where I play basketball

My dad and friends like to play baseball

In my life all I play is ball

all I would wish to do is Basketball

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