The Soldier and The Dancer

January 31, 2012
He met her in an airport
She was
Mystical, eloquent, dream weaver
Enchanted by wanderlust and dust particles
Traveled to the depths of her soul and the world
Not tragic but beautiful still
Chocolate lips, pastel skin
Delicate tipped feet hiding beneath a swishing pink flower dress
Honey voice, excited eyes
She was a dancer

She met him in an airport
He was
Brittle, nonchalant, business man
Motivated by ambitions and material gain
Controlled and mechanical
But his dark sunken eyes betrayed a hint of anger and tragedy
Thin mouth, slicked hair
Formal manner, calm demeanor
He was a soldier

By what lucky stroke of cosmic paintbrush upon canvas placed these two lost souls in the same airport terminal?

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so_joy said...
Aug. 16, 2012 at 9:14 pm
Beautiful! Great job! Please read,rate,and comment on my poems! Thanks!
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