The Baby Named Ruka

January 30, 2012
By WriteReadSing SILVER, Winterport, Maine
WriteReadSing SILVER, Winterport, Maine
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A little baby girl was born
On a bright day in May
The mother looked at her daughters face
To see her little girl had eyes like her father
The man the woman lost
Taken from her in a flash of light
Now he was but a memory
Within this little girl that came
Because she knew it was time to change

The daughter was named Ruka
and on her first birthday
she looked at the mother
with her wide green eyes
as if to say “were is my daddy”
the mother looked down
and whispered in her daughters ear
“he is in a better place now”
she would have to forget
for things needed to change

Ruka is now the age of nine
and her mother feels bad
for never telling her daughter
that daddy was dead
her mother went to the daughter
and told her “your daddy’s never coming
for he is in heaven now”
Ruka looked to her mother and asked
“What is this heaven you speak of?”
The mothers only replies was
“It is the place people go
when they change form alive to dead”

Year have gone by
Ruka is now eighteen
She is now heading off to
Collage to follow her lifelong dream
She got into she tightly packed car
And waved good bye to the mother
As she went off to a whole new world
Her life was about to change

The author's comments:
This was a piece I wrote for school and it had to have something that was somewhat repetitive at the end so I made a poem that told a story.

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