Rise Above

January 30, 2012
By Katie Montgomery BRONZE, Wagoner, Oklahoma
Katie Montgomery BRONZE, Wagoner, Oklahoma
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I know what I am and you do not.
You know nothing of how my mind works and the thoughts that torment me every hour I live. You don't know how my heart beats and for what it does.
You and your close-minded ways. Your constant judging. Of what? Of me? Why? Nothing I do is wrong. But you continually criticize. And then turn a blind eye to the one's worse than me.
You and I.
We will never mesh together. At the end of the day there is no love lost between us. There will be no forgiveness now, either. I can see this now. And there is not much left in me to care.
But just know
Will rise above what you think I am. I will fly higher than the goals you yourself have set for me. I will keep my mind open to new and different things. And I will not judge. I will not hate. I will love. Love those who cannot love themselves. The very ones you look down upon.
Will leave here and go on to bigger and better places. Just to show you that I can, and show you that what you thought was wrong.
Am strong. Nobody will control me from this day forward.
No longer have a hold on me. Because you are weak.

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