Personal Space

January 30, 2012
By Sweetie2toCute SILVER, Brookyln, New York
Sweetie2toCute SILVER, Brookyln, New York
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Personal Space
Is what i need.
This is what you dont give.
Always so close.
Personal Space
Is my arm distance.
What i need is you to back up.
Fall Back.
Get out of my face and my-
Personal space
You make me mad when your that close.
Your closer to me than i am with myself.
Thats not cool, not cool at all.
Your so close that i think we are closer than Mother and Child.
Personal Space
Is what you must give me.
Personal space is what i want.
I dont ask for much.
I jsut ask for my space.
Do you like me?
I dont like you!
You want to be my friend but refuse to give me my space.
Im Only Going to tell you this once.
I hope you get the message.
I dont want anything to do with you.
So now that you know this important fact give me what i want.
Give me what i need.
And that is my-
Personal Space.

The author's comments:
What Inspired me to write this poem is a boy in my class. He always wants to be so close to me. He always want to be all in my face and personal space. So one day i just thought about a tittle to go with the poem and it was personal space.

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