January 30, 2012
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I seek the wisdom humanity lost. Tearing through books and anything I can find that will enlighten my mind.
In the beginning, we had it all, but with one mistake of two people we were thrown into the darkness of ignorance

Society will make one decision that affects all, but one person makes a difference. But just like we had we had wisdom in the beginning, we also had love.

Love is darkened today. False promises that are made by society are shoved down our young throats to the point that we are hopelessly brainwashed and blind.

Society believes they can make a copy or replace something that is valuable with an item that they have disguised as valuable, but is actually worthless.

Society poisons our minds, making us think what is wrong is right and what existed before doesn’t now. Society pushes us to do things we normally wouldn't’t do. It manipulates and distorts all.

Thus, I find myself seeking what is true and right and finding the wisdom and love that was lost. Hoping for the bitter cold fingers of society to unwrap their grasp on our minds and wills. If they don’t our generation is helpless.

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