Texting Anxiety

January 30, 2012
A vibrations hits your pocket and
Dies away after 2 or 3 seconds, but nothing amusing,

And for once you thought that it was something exciting
Hope raging through your mind wanting one text message from a friend or relative

Words spinning in your head, secrets waiting to be told
You think your head might just explode with anxiety and pain

Why can’t I have that one moment
Of feeling apart of something or someone

Am I worthy enough to the receive the simple gift
Of glory, the text message of my life

Who looks below me of who worships
The idea of a text message, me

Nevertheless shameful humiliation
Of pain and suffering

No glory, no friends, no life
Why not just one friend

One text message, is my entire life
Awaiting for one vibration

My head and thoughts are now
Such a blur of reality

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