I Believe

February 2, 2012
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Every morning I open my eyes and I wonder how the day will be
Every night I close my eyes and I wonder what I will dream
As I close my eyes I travel to somewhere I have never gone before; to a world of mystery

It is a dream of my perfect little world of laughter, of joyfulness and fantasy
It is a dream of my future

I wake up and I notice that my dream is not real
I wake up and I believe that one day my dreams will come true

I am a dreamer
I believe that dreams do come true

A dream also known as: an illusion, vision, a fantasy, hallucination, imagination can also be a nightmare

This world is filled of evil and negativity
This world is full of controversy and bewilderment

But dreams do come true

I look up to the sky and gaze at the stars and the moon
I look up and I realize that there is still a lot out there in the world for me to find

If I give up on my dreams they will never come true

Why give up?
Should I give up?

Of course not, because I would never want to miss out on something great just because it is hard

I want my future to be just like my dream

In the end it will all be worth it
In the end I will be in my dream

I am a believer
I believe that dreams do come true

I just have to hold on to my dreams
I just have to keep believing

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