February 2, 2012
Open the door to life,
step on through the doors of perception.
Here you are on the road of questions;
take a turn and follow me down the winding road-
onwards to acceptance.
Keep going, the voyage isn’t complete.
Next, take a left-
make your way up the road of
divine truth.
Feel free to linger-
but not too long,
there’s so much ahead, you won’t want to stop.
Keep following the road and you’ll hit a fork-
left turn & find yourself;
Or, right turn your way into the worst kind of deception.

It’s up to you,
all your choice;
But depending upon what you choose
you may lose your voice.

You choose first?
Okay, that’s fine-
You made your choice;
I made mine.
You lost your voice,
but I gained mine.

Onwards, I go alone,
continuing my wandering
through the world
of Self-discovery.

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