January 24, 2012
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The overwhelming, fiery strength of the chaotic
Hell within my heart burns
and sears the stitches that hold my soul together.
Never once have I felt this terrible power
and wished to swim in is abyssal depths. Someone
try to save me from leaping
over the edge and swimming in the depths of
surrealistic insanity. Won’t

the nightmare ever end? I run from the demons of
Hell, but the landscape slogs past me like a thick, purple
Eldritch poison. I run, but my body

doesn’t (refuses) move within the time stream. I
escape from the demons of Hell, but
a mad king swallows me. In the belly of
the mad king, I am faced with the chaotic fires of
Hell, and the eternal cycle repeats itself again and again.

Why won’t this dream (nightmare) end? I’ll escape Hell, but end up
in the belly of the mad king. The
strangest dreams always become nightmares, but
have nightmares ever become reality?

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