The Last Song

January 24, 2012
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Take my hand and let us go.
Hurry my Lady, there is not much time.
This song will be the final song of the night

and I wish to dance with you.

Really, well and truly?
Dost thou wish to dance with me?

Yes, my Lady. I do desire to dance with thee
For every lady I see
has a partner with which to dance,
every lady except for thee.

I feel flattered by thee,
but thy forgiveness I do beg for,
for I know not how to dance
and I have never been taught before.

Indeed, my Lady, I shall.
But hurry!
The band is about to play the final song.

Kind and noble Sir, I don't believe I can.

Dearest Lady, just follow me
and I shall show thee how to dance.
Let that thought in your head
and the demureness in thy heart
be swept carelessly away
as I show thee what a lovely dancer that I art.

Kind and noble Sir, thou art a lovely dancer indeed,
but I know not how to dance.

My Lady, how foolish and naive
thou can be.
Thou art dancing at this very moment
and a superb dancer thou art indeed.

Why, so it would seem that I am dancing.
How marvelous this is!

My dearest Lady, please take care
as I lead thee
through the final melody.

Lead away, kind and noble Sir!
I would never have another partner
lead me through this final song...

The last notes are fading away.
I think the song is over at last.
Such a pity,
for I have enjoyed my dance with thee.

The last song has finished my Lady.
How dost thou feel,
now that I have showed thee how to dance?

I feel wonderful and exhilarated,
almost as if I could the stars!
How else to describe this feeling,
I cannot say...

Thy forgiveness I do beg, but I wish to tell thee
before thou leaves me.
Thou dost not need to describe thy first dance.
Cherish it; reminisce upon it; hold it near to thy heart.

Know only now, that thou can dance...

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