a girls struggle

January 24, 2012
This world is on my shoulders
Even as I run toward the sun
I feel like this world is getting colder
Young girls being sold in this society like slaves
Not remembering their ancestors that died in the pave
But how could they have seen
They were blind by their low self esteem
Little angels that once were their parents little honeys
Now grow up in this world
Being taught the ways of money
Always thinking that the day was going be sunny
But their attitudes start to change
All of a sudden they acting funny
My rhymes speak of expression
And when I write on the paper
Word by word
They start to teach me a lesson
I start to come up with these dreams
And they get turned into movie scenes
Things start to change
Day by day
And then stuff gets rearranged
But just keep ya head up
Because life is not through
This is only your first chapter

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