Dear love,

January 24, 2012
By zuez98 BRONZE, North Webster, Indiana
zuez98 BRONZE, North Webster, Indiana
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Dear love,

You let her know i love her even though i didn't want you to. You told her the truth which I wanted to tell her, but she had to hear from someone I thought I could trust. I love you, but I'm not gonna tell you who it is because if you knew me you'd know and I don't wanna embarace her. I Love Her with all my heart, but she doesn't love me back. She's my best friend and I can't lose her. She is the only person who completely understand and knows me. I think of her everyday. Her eyes send my into a haze, those brown eyes. She is the only girl i wanna be with but she doesn't wanna be with me. If I lose her because she know than I don't know what I'm gonna do. So love why'd you put me under your spell???


Tristin Andrew Beery

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