The wolf's lament

January 24, 2012
By Wolfshadow SILVER, Park City, Utah
Wolfshadow SILVER, Park City, Utah
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"Some say time is an illusion, others, time is of the essence but time is something we stand by, are comforted by, killed by, and helped by, therefore time is all in our heads, but who says something in our heads,  can't be real?" ~Wolfshadow

The wolf is howling a lament at the moon,
It’s tears a fading as so does the dusk,
The sky embraces it with such warmth,
It shies away as the ice strikes in,
The wolf is howling a lament at the moon,
It chastises the sky with claws like thorns,
it growls of traitors and crimson snow,
of ash and flames that claimed the dusk,
the day that came,
the new one coming,
the dusk that forever,
shall force it fleeing,

The author's comments:
Sometimes you shall be the wolf in mourning, remain strong. Howl at the moon then hunt with the pack again.

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